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Review from Sid Love for 'What You See Isn't Always What You Get'

After getting back from holiday (it was freezing!) I saw this wonderful review for 'What You See Isn't Always What You Get' by Sid Love.

Thank you so much, Sid.

I guess, you readers have gotten used to me disclosing the “Sid’s Rating” to a story at the end of any review post. But, ladies and gentlemen, I am forced to break this trend, because this is the first time on my blog that a book is getting a …
Faith Ashlin is a relatively new author to me with only one other book listed under her name. But now after I have read “What You See …”, I am very tempted to check out her “Pathfinder”. It was a friend of mine who suggested that I check out this book because, to put it in her words – this book was very close to her heart (and I feel no different towards the book either). I would like to thank her for such a great recommendation.

Read on and you will know why I loved this book so much…
Everyone knows Richard Bailey. He has earned this well-deserved recognition over the years by fighting alongside his former lover for a great cause. Best known to be Grady Porter’s Richard, he continues his now-dead boyfriend’s legacy of wiping out the concept of slavery from the world and struggles for their freedom.

Denny is one such slave, who is rescued by Richard. But after he pays for Denny’s freedom, Richard makes a rather indecent proposal to him. Being naive when it comes to sex, he wishes to learn ways to please a man in every way possible and he hopes Denny could help him out in return for good money and a place to stay. Denny, of course, is given a choice but the boy takes up on his offer.
And then begins a series of event that takes these two boys to places they never would have imagined. Denny finds himself falling for this broken man and Richard experiences feelings that are somewhat similar.

But things aren’t always what they seem to be. Richard’s past comes creeping back to bite them and the hell breaks loose.

When I started to read this book, I honestly didn’t think it would get to me so much. As I stated while summarising the book above that Richard makes that proposal which is indecent and quite odd for a man who is actually a freedom fighter. But further as I read, the reasons for such an act becomes quite clear and the offer doesn’t seem odd anymore.

The more I read, the more interesting the book got. Faith Ashlin definitely knows how to write an erotic scene, might I mention! Every single part is written with such intensity that you won’t be able to miss the passion growing between the two characters. The words she uses flow in the right manner. The rich dialogues in the entire story expresses the characters’ emotions perfectly. The book lets you get comfortable with the whole idea at first, and in the second half of the book, the real deal comes forth. The drama is spot on, realistic! It keeps the pages turning and you never wish to keep the book away even for a second. By the time the end of the book approached, my emotions were scattered all over the place and my head was spinning with all that happens in their lives. Then, the power of their love strikes and you melt.

Summing up? Faith Ashlin is a damn good storyteller!

I loved Denny a lot. He is dorky, and very cute. Given his past spent in slavery, I thought he would be this helpless creature but surprisingly, he isn’t. Rather, Richard is the one more damaged and Denny – being the loving, caring man that he is – comes off as a savior! I wonder, if it hadn’t been for Denny, Richard would have been nowhere. But I am not saying that Richard isn’t anything because he is actually great for all the good deeds he does. I am only saying that Denny has impressed me a lot! Then there is this secondary character – Harley – who is Richard’s best friend. And I think for his part, he needs a bit of recognition. Harley has truly lived up to the title of a best friend to both Richard as well as Denny.

That’s how well the author has crafted each of these characters.

I can give you infinite number of reasons why this story is so special, but there are two reasons for not saying more – first of all, I don’t wish to give out too much and spoil the pleasure for you guys. My job is to tease and not spoil.

And secondly, I am a bit speechless – yes, even after writing this long of a review, I will say I am speechless! Because there are not enough words in the dictionary to describe the way I have felt after reading this book. It is just amazing like that.

So, if the five stars above or the praises in my review haven’t given it yet, let me word it out for you – RECOMMENDED!

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