Saturday, 27 April 2013

What is a hero? Reality TV.

I've read hundreds of books with dozens or types of heroes. There's the square-jawed, do-no-wrong hero, the quiet, bookish, hero and the completely bonkers hero, to name only a few. But in real life there are some people who don't show that they're a hero but, oh, they are an inspiration to us all. 

There's a reality tv series on here at the moment, the NHS in 24 hours. The series took one day and tried to look at all the things the NHS (National Health Service) does, all over the country. It makes you proud.

On this week's episode they featured a cancer unit, talking to both the patients and staff. There was one man who was having chemo. He has 4 sons, two in their twenties and twins aged 12. He's been given a year to live. He was saying how his wife wanted the bedroom decorated. He laughed and said there was still time to get through her list of DIY.

It made me cry. The wife being so confident in him to give him jobs and his calm, sensible way of looking at what future he has left was inspiring. He took strength from her and I can only imagine what she must be growing through.

He desperately wanted to see his twins grow up but knew that wasn't going to happen. Instead he was thinking about how to make the time he had left as good as it could be for his family. He wanted life to be 'normal' so he'd do the decorating and enjoy every moment he could.

These people are the real heroes in life, ones I think we can all learn from.

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