Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Does anyone else get the horrible feeling of anti-climax when they finish writing story? You work so hard and everything is aimed at getting to the finish. Then you’re there and… there’s nothing. It’s done. There’s nothing you immediately have to do.

I’m left feeling really empty and a bit lost. Am I the only one?

Pathfinder comes out in a few days

I'm so excited. And awestruck. But mostly excited!

"You keep telling me the Mosquito's a damn good plane and I know you can really fly," Bobby said.
"You, me and Betty. We're your perfect combination, your fantasy team." Lewis could feel it, feel Bobby's dream of the ultimate fighting, bombing unit. Bobby could see realization clear on his face.
"We're the perfect team. We're going to make a difference."

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Almost there

I have a page on Silver to buy Pathfinder! I just hope people want to read about 2 American airmen falling in love during WW2.

I’m so excited because everything feels scary real now.
Edit: Silver has also put it on Goodreads.


I’m a bit speechless right now. That’s new for me!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Pathfinder by Faith Ashlin

Pathfinder by Faith Ashlin

I now have the front cover for my first book. I’m so excited because it’s gorgeous.

This is the blurb…

During the Second World War, two airmen from Texas join the Royal Air Force, while America is still neutral. The attraction between them is immediate. Bobby, a navigator, has given up on thoughts of relationships, concentrating instead on the war he fervently believes in. Lewis, his new pilot, is full of life, passionate about planes and playing his part in the war.

They connect immediately with intense, but furtive, sex. Their bond grows during many tough raids and passionate nights, until Lewis pushes Bobby to admit how he feels. Bobby didn't think love was a possibility. But now Lewis is here, real and offering everything he could never admit he wanted.

Can they have a future together during the war?

I have a provisional release date of September 15th. I can’t wait.