Sunday, 3 March 2013

Review for 'Love is Love' anthology

I was just pointed in the direction of this review on 'Hearts On Fire Reviews' for the 'Love is Love' anthology.

The whole book was given four hearts, which is wonderful.

Then I saw this about my story

"My favorite of this anthology, which I would give 5+ hearts, is My Unintended by Faith Ashlin. Honestly, I wasn’t even expecting to like it when I started it because Noah seemed to be so wishy washy, not worthy of Greg’s devotion and basically running from him. He claims he doesn’t know what changed him from loving this man to wanting to leave him for a hypothetical wife and children. When he admits to Greg that he never envisioned the future with Greg in it, I wanted to cry for Greg. “Maybe I just haven’t given up on the whole assumed future yet?” What? I thought “jerk” and figured that was it. I actually wanted Greg to say forget it and leave the idiot. But, oh, then stupid, hurtful Noah goes to see his Grandma, who tells him the story of her unintended, Harlan. And then I wanted to cry for Harlan, for Grandma, for lost opportunities and for those who took the easy way and regretted it. And that story touched my heart and gave me hope. Loved it."

Oh wow, just… wow! There are so many great authors in the anthology that it's amazing that mine was singled out.

Just wow!!

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