Tuesday, 16 July 2013


I was watching the bumblebees in my garden this afternoon, buzzing lazily from flower to flower in the sunshine. They don't have to worry about paying the mortgage or getting a job (or keeping a job) or having their car stolen or about their parents getting ill. They just collect nectar from the prettiest flowers, pollinating as they go, and we're all very grateful to them for doing such a vital job.

I know they don't live very long and they have to work for the queen but they also don't have to worry whether their new boss will be in a bad mood tomorrow or not. Their short life isn't filled with hassle and pressure. I think I might come back as a bumblebee in my next life.

For one thing I'd really like to make my neighbour run around his garden chasing bumblebee-me with a rolled up newspaper! He wouldn't catch me and he didn't catch the one today. It was in the garden: why didn't he just go inside until it flew away? Silly man, but he made me forget all the stress and smile.

Thank you Mr Bumblebee. 

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