Friday, 26 July 2013

Am I a wuss or am I a wuss?

It was a lovely summer's evening tonight so, rather than sitting in front of a screen like I do too often, I went out into my little garden. I am not a Gardener, I do not Garden, I play in the garden. I do not know what I'm doing. 

I like foxgloves and I was given some seeds so I had a go last year and *colour me stupid* I grew gorgeous flowers. So I tried again this year. Foxglove seeds are tiny and it's impossible to plant one at a time. You sow lots and hope for the best. 

But I hate, hate, HATE thinning them out! It feels like I'm killing my babies – okay, maybe not. But it is playing God. You can live, you will die, you die and you and you…

I ended up with a big pile of dead bodies seedling that were just thrown away.

I am a wuss. I don't want to be God.

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