Tuesday, 6 October 2015

When real life gets in the way.

I’m so sorry I’ve disappeared from the internet-world for ages but life keeps getting in the way. Too many members of my family are very ill and my poor old brain just can’t cope with everything. I’m afraid my online life is the area that’s been squashed out.

My computer is gathering dust. It’s very confused, there used to be a time when I couldn’t go a whole day without switching it on. It doesn’t know what’s happening!

In the past going online was my happy place, the place I’d go when life was a bit miserable or a hard slog. And I loved it. Loved reading and writing about beautiful young men, love and passion. I could lose myself in it as hours simply slipped by. But now things are too serious, too overwhelming, to hide from.

I wish I could. Oh I really wish I could hide but this is too much. So I will be back as I can, when I can. I miss everybody and my beautiful boys.

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