Friday, 31 July 2015

To cut or not to cut?

Ho hmm....

I sort-of submitted a new book to my lovely editor at Totally bound. I say sort-of because I was asking her opinion before it actually went for the formal process of submitting. She said exactly what I thought she'd say - I knew she was a clever lady! - it's too long, it needs chopping down.

I know it. She knows it. The whole world knows it but, by God, it's hard to do. When I wrote the thing I must have thought there as a point to adding those words/scenes. Maybe I was being self indulgent but... I liked them.

It's too long, too slow, too... much. It needs chopping but I don't know how. I know she will help but, bugger, it's a lot of work.

Do I want to do it?

*thinks franticly*


But I'm intricately lazy and I liked those too-many-words and not-going-anywhere-scenes when I wrote them and I really am very, VERY lazy.

I need to get my arse in gear.

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