Sunday, 28 December 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like …

…. a huge mess in my house.

So how was your Christmas? Mine was really good but in a funny kind of way. We have a couple of family members who are very poorly and they wanted a fun, special Christmas. We managed to give them that, which made me feel good and, hopefully, made them smile.

But… oh the mess! Hours and hours of work and ten minutes after getting up this was the result.

How can that many presents – which I wrapped oh so carefully – be opened that quickly? But we did have lots of fun throwing squashed up balls of used wrapping paper at each other. I never realised just how scratchy it can be when it's shoved – forcefully – down the back of your pyjamas.

Someone came up with the idea of Naughty Secret Santa. Rude and funny were the instructions I was given so I did just that and told my kids to do the same.

Of course no one else did.

Chocolates here, oven gloves there and…. 'Pin the Tail on the Male' game I bought.

You think that's funny? One of the kids bought his 80-year-old granny an 'Inflatable Cock Fighting' game. Yes, two huge, blow up, strap on willies that you have to try and knock off your opponent.

Good job the older members of the family are broad-minded. Or at least pretended to be.

Then we played 'wrap the grandparents up as mummies' with cheap loo paper. Huge fun but oh the mess!

If I had just bought everyone an e-book – a gorgeous m/m story for those with 'taste' – think how tidy my house would be.

And how much fun we would have missed.

Happy clearing-up to you all.


  1. the grandparents in your family are broad minded indeed to be wrapped as mummies.

    1. I think they were pretty amazing. Granddad couldn't stop laughing at his multi-coloured willy warmer. He's 86!